Lets beat the bug
Lets beat the bug

Well, it’s finally happened. The zombie apocalypse is upon us. Boris is wearing his serious mask. Post Brexit, experts are back in fashion (remember Brexit? Happier times). Our towns and cities are abandoned, save for roaming bands of panic buyers, born again joggers and dog walkers. Businesses are boarded up and families are bunkered down in toilet roll fortresses, jealously guarding their baked beans and pasta.
But fear not! This will pass.
Are you going to be ready when it does?

Go Creative
See what Go Creative can do for you

Make sure it's you who has kept in touch when your clients emerge, blinking, back into the sunlight.

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Stay visible

Get on social media. Set up a newsletter. Be visible. Keep talking.
Go Creative produce eye catching images, gifs and animated videos to help bring your posts to life.

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Wash your hands

It’s that simple you dirty, dirty people!
And whilst you're at it, have a think about whether your brand is in need of a clean up too.

Stay at home

Enjoy your family, learn something new, relax, read, play with the dog, drink wine (before lunch?).
In fact, if you've got plenty of time on your hands, let's start coming up with your next campaign.
If you do have to go out, social distance!

It’s nice to be nice!

Look after each other.

Blast off
Get ready for blast off!

This isn’t going to last forever!
Make sure when the time is right, you’re fit and ready go!
Let's beat the bug!

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